Wherever your life grows, cultivate wellness.

The path to wellness looks different for everyone. Are you seeking to deepen your mind-body connection, to lose weight, or recover from stress? Maybe your focus is on creating an online presence that feels refreshing and affirming rather than forced or stressful? Mimi’s passion is guiding you on your path to wellness, be it personal or professional. 


Your business has a story to tell and I’m here to help you get to the heart of it. Over the past decade, I’ve helped several major brands and dozens more small businesses find the right voice to speak to the soul of their ideal clients. Email marketing, sales pages and press releases are a few of my favorite things.

Nothing delights me more than creating deliciously natural spa treatments from local ingredients. I believe the wellness therapies you offer should be just as unique specialized as your brand. From your basic massage to your head-to-toe spa day, your spa menu should read like a love letter to your dream client.

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Having a hard time seeing through the fog of online marketing? Not sure if you’re even on the right path? Our team of web designers, content marketers, and social media experts will be glad to give you some guidance. We take a holistic approach to online business coaching that gives you the confidence to get from wherever you’re at to exactly where you want to go. 

Whatever reason you come to yoga, yoga is there for you. Over two decades of practice, yoga has helped me through pregnancy; postpartum anxiety; weight loss; a neck injury, and shoulder pain from working on a computer. I’ve also witnessed yoga change the lives of many of my students and I know it can do the same for you.

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"Mimi Mudd has worked with Finca Rosa Blanca for many years. Our guests have been very happy with finding yoga available and with the quality of the classes offered. The yoga instructors have been vetted by Mimi and also speak excellent English for those who visit from outside the country. I highly recommend working with Mimi to enhance your hotel's wellness experience."
Teri O.
Owner, Finca Rosa Blanca

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