The Achey Mom bod yoga retreat

If you’re a busy woman who wants to feel better, then this retreat is for you! If your mind and body are sore and tired from long hours; if you need relief from the aches and pains of motherhood Join Mimi Mudd, yoga teacher and working mom, on the yoga fast track, where you’ll pick up the exact yoga exercises you need for short sessions of targeted self-care.        


The sound of tropical birds brings your awareness back to your body. Your mind has been in flight while your body melted into the mat as you lie on your back in meditation.

This relaxing, melting feeling was possible thanks to the past hour of intense stretching and muscle work. Targeted stretches ripped into the tension in your neck and shoulders, eased the soreness in your lower back, and opened into your hips and knees deeper than you ever thought possible. 

You feel as if you’ve just had a whole body massage, but it was actually the yoga. And the best part is: for the first time ever you finally understand the yoga stretches you practiced.

Ahhh, to feel completely comfortable in your own skin!

This is a yoga retreat for women. 
Women who work.
We’re not trying to look perfect
We’re just trying to feel better.
This is a yoga retreat for people who usually wouldn’t go on a yoga retreat.
Women of all ages, shapes and sizes.
And we have nothing but love and support for one another.
As we learn how to stretch, strengthen, destress and feel better.

A Yoga Retreat That Lasts A Lifetime

Just For You

Experience yoga classes tailored specifically to the needs of your body

Record Results

Create beautiful bullet journal entries around each class

Save it for Later

Keep the yoga moves that helped relieve your aches and pains to use forever

Easy Meditation

Pick up life hacks that make meditation easy for anyone, anytime

Why Finca Rosa Blanca in Costa Rica?

Situated in the lush green mountains of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, Finca Rosa Blanca is the perfect place to completely forget about whiny kids, responsibilities, and everything else that makes your shoulders clench. 

Formed of organic shapes with curved features, this boutique resort is feminine and artistic in every way. It is the perfect blend of luxury and immersion in nature.

Far from tourist hotspots, the atmosphere here is tranquil and the air couldn’t be fresher. It has all the songbirds and flowers and none of the howler monkeys or crocodiles.

By the way, do you love coffee and wine? Finca Rosa Blanca is a fully-functioning coffee plantation and their wine list is the best in the region. Yes, this is that kind of yoga retreat.

About the Accommodations

We will occupy the main hotel house; a stunning spiral tower of private hotel rooms. In the center of the house is a common area filled with murals, a waterfall and circular seating for group discussions.

It also has a very comfortable wooden floor where we will meet daily for yoga and workshop sessions. You can literally stumble out of your room and into our morning or evening sessions. 

The property also offers a variety of amenities and activities including walking trails and farm tours. It features a stunning pool and hot tub, and offers a spa with a full menu of massage and skin treatments. 

This retreat is about more than just yoga. Finca Rosa Blanca provides a natural, peaceful setting conducive of self-reflection. It has a way of enticing guests to lose track of time and relax.



Farm to Fork Meals

Finca Rosa Blanca’s own organic greenhouse and garden provide the base of a Latin fusion menu. Free-range chickens raised on site provide fresh organic eggs every morning.

The chefs take inspiration from international cuisine to make use of the exotic variety of seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruits available. The traditional flavors of Costa Rica touch every meal, from the coffee grown on site to the gallo pinto served with breakfast.

Dining is an elegant experience in the open-air restaurant overlooking the lights of the Central Valley below. For a cosy dinner indoors the restaurant offers a dining room with a fireplace. 


What Will I Gain From The Achey Mom Bod Yoga Retreat?

  • Immediate relief from muscle strain and other aches and pains from working and taking care of a family every day.
  • An understanding of the stretches and asanas that provide relief exactly where you need it most.
  • A deeper sense of your body’s needs and how to feel strong and pain-free.
  • A bullet journal of the entire retreat so you can repeat any class or individual stretch whenever you need it.
  • A quick and easy yoga practice that you can use to feel better for the rest of your life!


You Might Also Gain Lifelong Friendships

Unlike social media, there are no trolls here — we can speak freely in a sacred circle of mutual acceptance.

All the women in this small, intimate retreat will be on different journeys in their own bodies. One may have their first baby at home while another is a mother of teens, and one may not have children at all.

But we all share the common bond of womanhood and the same goal of feeling better in our own bodies by the end of the journey. 

Once you sign up, you’ll be given access to the private retreat Facebook page where we will get to know each other before we meet. After the trip we can share pics in the group and encourage each other to continue our journies.

What's The Course for Aching Mom Bods?

Feeling tight after carrying a kid (or two) for the past few years? Find sweet relief through the hips and lower back by squatting like a goddess. The first course of the retreat will also introduce bullet journaling for yoga practice. 

Regain the range of motion you gave up on your journey bringing new life onto this earth. Learn how to safely move through the full range of motion of your spine. On Day 2 we will explore the muscles of the back and how the spine is connected to all the parts of the body through Sun Salutations. 

Talk about a snatched waist! On Day 3 we’ll bring it in and get loose at the same time as we move through a variety of turning and spine-wringing stretches. You’re guaranteed to leave with at least a few twists in your back pocket for when mid-back, shoulder, or neck pain attacks. 

Day 4 is dedicated to back bending (a.k.a. front opening), with some intense moves to open through the chest and throat. Oh! How the emotions flow when we break through the layers that keep our bodies locked in poor posture and suffering from aching muscles. No more! Day 4 brings sweet relief to the back of the shoulders and cervical spine. 

Let the force of gravity work its magic on your tense muscles by gently pulling them in a new direction. Inversions are great at loosening up tight necks and rebuilding mom-abs for critical support that eases back pain instantly. They also make your arms look sexy af.

 What IS Included

  • A five-part yoga course including classes, workshops and bullet journaling
  • All yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and straps
  • All Transportation in country
  • Day Trip to Barva Volcano National Park
  • Hotel stay and all meals (except lunch during the trip to the volcano)
    Barva Volcano

What IS NOT Included

  • Airfare to and from Costa Rica
  • Massage and spa services
  • Alcohol (Finca Rosa Blanca has an excellent list of wines and artisnal beers from the region)

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