Binaural Beats Made with Crystal Bowls (Video) By Timothy Mast

In the video below, Timothy Mast, Master Crystal Bowl Player, demonstrates how crystal bowls can be used to make binaural beats.

Not familiar with binaural beats? They create a frequency that works like a brain hack, helping you slip into a meditative state even if you’ve never meditated before.

After a brief description of how a binaural beat is made using the crystal bowls, Timothy demonstrates how two bowls sound together that do not create a binaural beat. Two bowls with a harmonic relationship sound lovely together.

He then demonstrates how a binaural beat is created with two bowls that have close, but not quite the same frequencies. What you hear is a lot like an optical illusion, except it’s an auditory illusion.

Remember those magic eye posters where you can only see the image when you relax your eyes in a weird way? It’s a lot like that. 

The vibrations from the bowls are not interfering with each other — the “beat” you hear is false. This is your brain attempting to “make sense” of the two sounds.

In the beginning of the video Timothy touches on how binaural beats are best experienced through headphones. This is because the sounds are most effective for meditation when your brain has to rationalize the sounds independently from each ear. The word binaural means “with or relating to two ears.” 

  • Select a binaural beats track and hook up your headphones. Don’t have a track? Try this free download.
  • Clear your space of distractions. Make sure you can listen uninterrupted.
  • Get in a comfortable position. Savasana (flat on your back) is a great option. Press play!

It Still Works Without Headphones

Binaural beats still have an effect on listeners when played over speakers. I play binaural beats and crystal bowl sounds during savasana in nearly every live yoga class I offer and everyone loves it!

Seriously, I get rave reviews after class from participants who say the sounds helped them enter a deep state of relaxation.

Try it! I’d love to hear feedback about your experience, whether your are a yoga teacher who tries playing binaural beats during savasana, or you test them out on your own. Leave me a comment at the bottom of the page. 

  • Joalena Moore

    Hi. Love your video! I'm a bodyworker who's been working with tuning forks for many years now and recently have started using a crystal singing bowl. Are the notes dissonant that are played that creates a binaural beat? I'm really interested in trying to create a binaural beat with bowls. I currently have one bowl, 12 inch C#, but want to get another smaller one and the note I get may be influenced on whether I can create a binaural beat with it and the C#. Is there one you recommend for that? Thanks!

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