Chakra Balancing, Simplified FAQ

Chakra Balancing, Simplified is an 8-part drip email course that includes vibrational sound therapy with crystal bowls, audio/visual meditations, and energetic asanas.

Part 1: Muladhara Chakra


Q: The yoga poses on the Energetic Asanas Poster only demonstrate one side. Should I practice the pose on both sides?

A: Yes. Unless specifically stated, always go for symmetry in your yoga practice. Some asanas will be much easier on one side than the other but you can at least attempt the pose on both sides.

Q: Guardasana (eagle pose) looks impossible. How do I even attempt that pose?

A: I feel you! I am making an instructional video for that pose and as soon as it is available I will link to it here.

Q: I can’t wrap my arms back around my sides in Balasana (child’s pose). Is it ok if my arms reach out in front for support?

A: Yes. There are modifications for every yoga pose — multiple mods for some poses. If you already know your challenges and a way to work through them with a modification, go for it! If you need help finding the right modification for you please contact me and I will help you find the right mod.

Q: I followed your instructions for Savasana but I fell asleep. Is that ok?

A: Yes. I hope you had a lovely nap. The difference between staying awake in meditation and dreaming is very slim — both involve theta brain waves. If rest is what you need most then I say that was a good session. 

Q: You don’t show a picture of Sukasana. How am I supposed to do that pose? 

A: Sukasana is your comfortable seated position on the floor. The most important thing is that your spine is stacked so that your shoulders are directly above your hips and you can sit tall without much effort. I am working on a video with Sukasana options and I will post it here.

Q: I don’t have mala beads. Is it ok to just repeat the affirmations without a beaded necklace?

A: Yes, but you won’t get the same effect. Mala beads are a didactic tool that make it easier for your brain to transition from its regular beta state into a meditative theta state. I delve deeper into how mala beads work like a brain hack for meditation in a separate post.


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