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"Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils"

Hosted by: Mimi Mudd, Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica

Thursday, May 31



Featuring: Dr. Harmony PhD, Producer of Harmony's Essential Oils

Dr. Harmony is a naturopathic doctor and expert in energetic healing. She produces high-quality essential oils and other natural health products which are sold throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her essential oils are 100% pure with no carrier oil and free of pesticides and fertilizers. 

Dr. Harmony wrote her dissertation on the use of ear candles for energetic healing. Her proprietary line of Chakra Ear Candles are each aromahanced with a specific essential oil blend to aid in balancing the chakra energetic system.

Dr. Harmony, PhD of Harmony's Essential Oils

Here's What We're Going to Cover:

  • Why essential oils are tools for energetic healing and not just pretty smells.
  • How the energy of essential oils correlates to the chakra energetic system of the human body.
  • Why essential oils are not all created equally and how to select high-quality, high-vibrational essential oils.
  • How ear candles are not at all what you think they are and why essential oils can enhance their effectiveness. 
  • Simple yet incredibly effective ways to use essential oils to balance your chakras, restore energy, and make meditation easier.

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