White Lotus Meditation Cushion Giveaway

Enter to Win the Cushion Pictured Above!

I’m giving away this cushion through Rafflecopter this week. Valued at $49, it could be yours for FREE if you take the time and complete one (or a few) of the entry options below.  There are several ways to enter, each earning you one or more “credits” towards the randomized drawing. 

Hand embroidered cushion made by Moi with locally sourced filling and comfort sukasana design.


This meditation cushion is made with some fancy (read: expensive) outdoor upholstery fabric that feels just as soft and flexible as regular canvas. 

Does it really work outdoors?

Totally! This fabric can stand up to the elements and still look and feel lovely. But like, it’s beige and white so don’t expect it to stay pristine if you use it in the garden. 

And though the fabric is water-resistant, leaving it out in the rain is a bad idea for the filler. If you need to wash the cover but your filler is still good, simply dump out the filler into a bag, wash and dry the cover, then put the filler back in. 

All Natural, Locally Sourced

If you’ve ever shopped for meditation cushions before you might have noticed that buckwheat hulls are a common filler. I couldn’t find any buckwheat hulls locally, so instead of importing them I found an alternative.

In Costa Rica, we have RICE (you might have heard before that Latin America consumes a fair amount of rice). I found a great local source for granza de arroz, or rice hulls, and I tested them myself. They provide the firm support needed for sitting in sukasana and can hold the incline you prefer.

As a yoga bolster, the hulls can be shifted around to provide support at all different angles. 

Any similarities you find to a pot leaf are purely coincidental. That's a lotus. I'm pretty sure.

You Have to Enter to Win

Go ahead and scroll back up to that entry form and see how many credits you can earn today. There are a couple options you can make use of every day to totally rack up the credits, so do some today and then come back tomorrow and do them again. 

“But Mimi, I have terrible luck and I just know I won’t win. Can I just buy the cushion?”

No, not this one. But you can buy one like it! Over in my shop I will be posting cushions for sale throughout the week. On Friday, June 29 I’m hosting a YouTube Live event with my friend Patrick Hume — he made an album for meditation. We’ll be talking about binaural beats and how to make the most of your meditation minutes. 

The contest ends at midnight, July 2. Or 12 a.m. July 3 if you want to be technical.

  • Mandy Lawson

    I love this cushion Mimi! How wonderful that it’s made with outdoor material.

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