The Ultimate Ankle Recovery and Strengthening Workshop


Have you ever injured your ankle? Did it seem like it took forever to heal? Does it still periodically roll or randomly become inflamed? Many people believe or have been told that their ankle injuries will last a lifetime. What if I told you there is a way to heal your ankle for good, undo the damage and make it stronger than ever? 

3 Hour Workshop

Learn the yoga poses and balance exercises to recover from chronic ankle sprains. This is a standalone workshop that will equip you with the physical yoga therapy to retrain the nerves of your ankle through closed kinetic chain exercises.


Connect with the sensations in your ankle in ways you never would in day-to-day life. Consciously draw your mind to retrain damaged nerves.


Experience the stretches, strength-building moves and balancing poses that will retrain your nerves and make your ankle stronger than ever.


Keep the yoga you learn in the workshop to use through your recovery. Monitor your healing progress with a follow-up worksheet.

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